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Content Marketing for Field Services Technology

Content marketing is not only about what you write and how you share it.  It is about “who” wrote it.  In this case, out client is seeking to position their company as thought leaders in the are of “Field Services Technology” and as a close partner with Microsoft.  We created an eBook based on interviews […]

Manufacturing Know How Guides

This eight-volume set of whitepapers presented in eMagazine format shared the experiences and best advice from a variety of industry SMEs and clients in the discrete manufacturing and food processing spaces.

Notes from the Field

This thought-leadership campaign used internal crowdsourcing to capture the expertise of 40 industry experts presented in 12 volumes.

Microsoft Dynamics Distinction in Marketing for Lead Generation

The ultimate goal of this campaign was to drive $1M+ in software and services revenue and enhancing the company’s position in the professional services sector.

Industry Marketing is the Best Medicine – Healthcare ERP

To target the community hospital vertical, this campaign integrated three-dimensional direct mail, video and printed case studies, whitepapers, telemarketing, PR, collateral and a dedicated microsite to generate 348 leads and an $8.4M pipeline in 90 days.