Friday, June 24, 2016

Cracker Jacks, Cloud and Content Marketing

This project was developed at a world-class B2B technology consultancy that set sites on moving their business to the cloud. Their systems integration, business applications consulting and software development business was growing 30-40% each year and they had developed an impressive foothold in a number of industries, but times were changing. Businesses were moving their technology investments away from large license purchases to subscription contracts paid over many years.

The company invested millions in building out a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and was ready to crank up marketing investments to match. An 18-month campaign was developed to create the brand and launch to the market. Internal resources as well as outsourced agency efforts poured into the project and a brand new division was launched. (Project was driven by owner of OnTrack CMO prior to establishment of OnTrack CMO as a business. Owner was working directly for client company at the time )

Below are examples of materials that were created:

Solution Brochure

ccs_brochure1 (2)

Promotional Whitepaper

ccs_7things_whitepaper1 (2)

Partner Flip-Book

ccs_flipbook (2)

Simulcast Launch Event

ccs_launch_simulcast (1)


ccs_website (1)

Tradeshow Booth and Hologram Display

ccs_tradeshowbooth (1)ccs_tradeshow-hologramdisplay (1)

Industry Solution Collateral

ccs_psa_brochure (1)ccs_cpg_brochure
ccs_health_brochure (1)

Customer Case Studies

ccs_casestudy-valetwaste1 (1)ccs_casestudy-dyncom1 (1)

Campaigns and Promotions

ccs_campaign_crackerjack (1)ccs_campaign_email (1)
ccs_campaign_email2 (1)
ccs_campaign_crackerjack_gameboard (1)