Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics Distinction in Marketing for Lead Generation

The Whiteboard Challenge Wins Microsoft Dynamics Distinction in Marketing for Lead Generation.  This multi-pronged direct marketing campaign won the Microsoft Dynamics Distinction in Marketing Award for Lead Generation. It was a clear example of how powerful content can be leveraged across multiple mediums to enhance messaging impact, generate leads and better position the company.


The ultimate goal of this campaign was to drive $1M+ in software and services revenue and enhancing the company’s position in the professional services sector. Secondary goals were to work more closely with Microsoft, an important partner, and to generate a database of target prospects that could be nurtured over the coming years.

Lists were generated both through compilers, brokers and manual collection and included three c-level decision makers (top executives in finance, sales, marketing and IT). Tele-profiling, broker appending and survey emails were used to refine the list.

At kick-off, over 1,000 “dimensional mailers” were sent via Fedex in increments of a 2-300. The mailer consisted of:

  • 18” x 24” Whiteboard. Creative applied with a removable “static sticker” depicting a business technology strategy conversation between executives at a Proserv company.
  • Company-branded whiteboard marker
  • Cover letter that outlined offering and positioned the company as a Proserv-focused Microsoft stack partner.
  • Call to action #1: “Take the Whiteboard Challenge” at thewhiteboardchallenge.com. (site was taken down after campaign ended, but pictures are below)
  • Call to action #2: Entered in drawing to win Electronic Whiteboard.
  • All components were “shrink-wrapped”
  • Packet was sent via FedEx to position as a high priority mailing.

Direct Mail 2,3,4 : The same model was incorporated in 2nd through 4th direct mail drops, with the addition of having the CTA letter signed by the telemarketer that would be providing follow-up calls.

Telemarketing (A, 150hrs): Leveraged outsourced telemarketing partner for 150 hours telemarketing to drive webcast registrations and early leads.

Webcasts (4): Promoted series of webcasts outlining multiple engagement points, including CRM, ERP, Infrastructure and UC, Project Management and Collaboration.

  • Promoted via email and telemarketing
  • Drove 200+ registrants
  • Recorded and published as on-demand events, promoted via follow-up emails to no-shows.

Telemarketing (B, 150 hrs): Leveraged dedicated telemarketing contractor for call-downs in early stage respondents and lead generation.

Nurture Workflow: prospects not in active sales cycles were placed into a long term nurture cycle where they will be touched approximately every 30-45 days for the next year in addition to social media and email snips every few weeks.


In the first 4 months of the campaign, 84 qualified opportunities were captured and over $2M in total revenue forecasted (double the campaign goal). Total ROI was calculated at 19:1.