Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Industry Marketing is the Best Medicine – Healthcare ERP

To maximize your relevance to any given market, you better be speaking their language and addressing their very specific pain points.  To target the community hospital vertical, this campaign integrated three-dimensional direct mail, video and printed case studies, whitepapers, telemarketing, PR, collateral and a dedicated microsite to generate 348 leads and an $8.4M pipeline in 90 days.

Success of this campaign was driven by close collaboration and ideation with product managers, sales, delivery and the executive team.  Each of these groups had a different take on the ultimate goals for the solution.  The launch campaign was used as catalyst to help all stakeholders align perception of the opportunity and agree on goals for success.

When this company was acquired some years later, this solution was considered a major asset in large part to the effective branding and marketing strategy created in during this campaign.